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Kangaroos came to camp! (and a snake..)

Hey guys! Second stop on this road trip travel series is the spectacular Cape Le Grand National Park in Esperance. From crystal clear water and pearly white sandy bays, to hiking trails along the coast and even a mountain peak to climb to the top of, this National Park has it all! We stayed 2 nights at the Lucky Bay Campground which sits right on the beach and is home to the world famous resident kangaroos that visit the beach – they even visited us at our campsite! From there we stayed 2 nights at Le Grand Beach Campground which is just a short distance away and is also located right on the beach. Cape Le Grand is a MUST VISIT on any trip to Esperance, it is so beautiful and has to be seen to be believed! I really hope you’ve enjoyed this episode – Jordan (camera man and chief editor) and I appreciate your support SO much!

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