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We climbed a mountain in the middle of the night for a sunrise summit!

Hey everyone! Welcome back for episode 3 of our road trip through the southern part of Western Australia! In this vlog we visit the beautiful Stirling Range National Park, home of WA’s second highest peak, Bluff Knoll! We spent a few days exploring the area, staying at Stirling Range Retreat which is the closest accommodation to the start of the Bluff Knoll trail. We did the Castle Rock trail which has the famous Granite Skywalk at the end that offers a-mazing views. We also had a look around Albany thanks to a little car mishap, and found an amazing entirely vegetarian and gluten free café called Alkaline Café. We also squeezed in a quick trip to the Albany Wind Farm which was, you guessed it, WINDY! To see out our time in the National Park, we finished with a sunrise hike to the top of Bluff Knoll, which meant we woke up at 2.20am (yep, 2.20am!) to get up to the summit in time for sunrise. It was a challenging hike but as you’ll see, WELL worth it! I really hope you’ve enjoyed this episode – Jordan (my partner) and I appreciate your support SO much!

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